Episode #8: You are not special

You are not special, in that we are all special.  You are just not more special than others.

On this episode of the Contemplative Creative podcast, host David Quiring discusses acting out of respect, both at career peaks and in the midst of struggles along the path.

Episode #7: Street smarts in the field

Street smarts: understanding of what’s going on in the world and one’s place amidst it all.

On this episode of the Contemplative Creative podcast, host David Quiring discusses individual responsibility with regards to the consequences of our actions within different ecosystems.

Episode #6: Living strategically

There is no getting around the fact that so much in our lives is dictated by chance, but that doesn’t mean we can’t grab ahold of the steering wheel of life and live strategically.

On this episode of the Contemplative Creative podcast, host David Quiring discusses the importance of weaving where you’ve been, where you are, and where you would like to go into your artist vision statements; namely, your public bio and portfolio.

Episode #5: Knowledge versus wisdom

Take a moment and think about the great teachers that have impacted your life, and you will probably agree that knowledge does not necessarily equate wisdom.

There is a subtle difference between knowledge and wisdom, and in it lies all the difference.

On this episode of the Contemplative Creative podcast, host David Quiring tries to put a finger on this difference so that we can cultivate wisdom in our own lives and seek out wise teachers/mentors.

Episode #4: When to DIY and when to ask for help

These days, with the increasingly tight margins of the economy, we are expected to operate in a lean manner; which translates to doing a lot of stuff peripheral to our craft ourselves.

On this episode of the Contemplative Creative podcast, host David Quiring discusses what we need to consider, beyond the usual measure of money, when asking ourselves: “Should I do this myself or ask for help?”

Episode #3: The intermediate gap

Be wary of the intermediate mindset: where you have acquired a bit of knowledge and begin to think you know better.  This mentality creates a plateau in the learning curve, stopping growth and true creativity.  The expert, just as the beginner, approaches everything with an open mind; confident in what they know, but also always open to learning more.

On this episode of the Contemplative Creative podcast, host David Quiring discusses an obstacle that can present itself in all learning processes: the intermediate gap.  Listen as David expounds on what exactly this is and how to avoid this plateau in the learning curve.

Contemplative Creative – now even more social!

Look over to the sidebar on this page and you may notice something new there: a bird, the letter ‘f’, and a Picasso-esque rectangle-circle-thing.  It’s code for something…

…that something being our new social media presences!  We have added a member to the team who will be helping David run social media so that we can expand from one-way broadcasts to a two-way conversations.

We have set up an Instagram account under the name @contemplativecreative.  Here, we are posting hand-drawn-esque images akin to those already used here on our website, but with inspirational quotes etched on them.  The quotes come from both the podcast itself and other inspirational people we think should be on more people’s radars.

And then there’s the already growing Twitter following that we have been building from the start.  The handle for that one is @ccreativecom…which doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but it’s all that was available and also under their 15 character limit.  Once connected, I don’t think you will even notice it.

Links to all these social media hubs can be found on the sidebar  here – over at the right for you desktop users or at the bottom for you mobile folks.

If you’re active on any of these networks, I invite you to follow along and be a part of the Contemplative Creative community with us.  Right now it’s mostly a handful of friends and the inevitable spammers on there, but we’d really like that to change so that we can elevate some meaningful interaction together.

Episode #2: The illusion of simplicity

In artistic work, simplicity does not equate simplistic.  In this episode, David Quiring discusses the unseen effort that goes into masterfully creating art that is deceptively simple.

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Episode #1: Introductions and the danger of rationalized procrastination

Introductions are in order for the inaugural episode of the Contemplative Creative podcast – both of the host, David Quiring, and the vision of the podcast itself.  Then, we take a quick dive into the topic of rationalized procrastination and how to get out of your own way in the creative process.

Hello world.

Hello world!  Whoa, it’s nice to finally say that.

This is David typing this.  After months of dreaming, design, and figuring out the logistics of it all, I am happy to remove the “under construction” blockade and push this website into the world.

Tuesday, May 10th is going to be the inaugural Contemplative Creative podcast release day.  Mic check will commence shortly – I intend to introduce myself, the vision behind this project, and begin by shining a light on one of the roadblocks I ran into in making this project a reality.

Expect podcast episodes to be released biweekly on Tuesdays at 7am CST.  Other articles, videos, and resources in general will be published here on the website more intermittently.  Amidst everything else that we can consume on a daily basis I know that checking back for daily updates can be a chore that falls through the cracks, so I’ve created a newsletter that will be sent out occasionally (less than quarterly) to help the community stay informed on news and resources!