You asked and we made it happen; Patreon support is now available!

We would like to officially announce an opportunity for you to vote with your dollar to support the content we make available here.  We have created a Patreon page where you can become a patron of the Contemplative Creative project by making a one-time donation (or even committing to a monthly gift).  It doesn’t have to be much.  It could be a dollar, or a cup of coffee, or anything at all.

Our first goal is sustainability, and then comes growth.  We want to focus on creating unique, quality content and getting it directly to you.

With your support we hope to make this a sustainable project as we look to the future.  We want to improve the quality and quantity of the podcast, and continue to add new resources to as well.

If this sounds like something you are interested in being a part of, please visit, or click the Patreon link on the website’s sidebar.the donation process has been moved to PayPal for a more streamlined process (as of June 2017).

Like the monks, we lay my bowl at your feet and humbly make this ask.  Give freely if you are able and willing.  Any amount is appreciated, and thank you for your support.

Goods now available!

I’m happy to announce that we’ve partnered up with Society6 to offer you some useful merchandise with an inspirational twist!

We’re calling it the “Words to Live By” series.  Each design will be based around an insight we’ve arrived upon in the process of developing podcast content; words that are timeless reminders to live a better life.  The idea is that each cup, tote bag, print, or whatever product fits into your life, will also serve as an inspiration to that which you do and stoke your internal fire.  As a bonus, a dollar or two from any purchases you decide to make will go towards supporting the costs of running Contemplative Creative!

Check out our goods page for more information and the updated list of what is available exclusively on Society6.  But first, take a peak at beautiful design #1 below.

Personally, I am really liking the mug format and in fact have this particular one sitting on my desk full of steaming ginger tea as I type this.  Every time I reach for a sip I am reminded of the mantra; a particularly appreciated reminder when faced with quick decisions on a busy day or work!

Quality Over Quantity - Mug
Design #1 is “Quality over quantity in all ways. Always.” – a foundational philosophy explored in episode #12 of the podcast.
Available here!

Podcast release schedule change

I know what you’re thinking: “It’s Wednesday, and there was no new episode of Contemplative Creative yesterday!”

This is true, but there’s a good reason for it.  We are shifting our podcast release schedule from Tuesdays to Fridays, so expect the new episode to be downloaded to your pocket in just a couple of days.

Thanks Idea Spark!

The summer collaborative with the folks behind the Idea Spark iOS app is now behind us, just like the summer itself.  If you’d still like to purchase the mobile application though, we still wholeheartedly recommend it to you!

The app is built to help you get out of creative ruts by suggesting new ideas.  With it you can select contexts and themes to customize it as you like, and focus its idea generation on things that you’re open to.  Then it will generate a quirky little phrase with which you can use to start a new project.

So if you’re feeling uninspired and are not sure where to start, or you’re doing a daily art project and running a bit low on ideas, or maybe you’re trying a new art form altogether and simply need some lighthearted ideas to experiment on with it…well, it runs for $1.99 or so (depending on the country which you call home) and can be a resource in your pocket when you need it.  It costs less than a cup of coffee and has the potential to support you in your art as much as you choose to use it – that’s a pretty great win-win situation all around I think!

They’ve put together a great little video on their official website that demonstrates the workflow of the app better than I can describe it – please do make a point of clicking over there and checkin it out for yourself.

Thanks for being our first sponsor and throwing your support behind this project Idea Spark!  Going forward we at Contemplative Creative will continue to partner with projects and causes that we can get behind, and our support continues past working together like any good relationship.

Contemplative Creative – now even more social!

Look over to the sidebar on this page and you may notice something new there: a bird, the letter ‘f’, and a Picasso-esque rectangle-circle-thing.  It’s code for something…

…that something being our new social media presences!  We have added a member to the team who will be helping David run social media so that we can expand from one-way broadcasts to a two-way conversations.

We have set up an Instagram account under the name @contemplativecreative.  Here, we are posting hand-drawn-esque images akin to those already used here on our website, but with inspirational quotes etched on them.  The quotes come from both the podcast itself and other inspirational people we think should be on more people’s radars.

And then there’s the already growing Twitter following that we have been building from the start.  The handle for that one is @ccreativecom…which doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but it’s all that was available and also under their 15 character limit.  Once connected, I don’t think you will even notice it.

Links to all these social media hubs can be found on the sidebar  here – over at the right for you desktop users or at the bottom for you mobile folks.

If you’re active on any of these networks, I invite you to follow along and be a part of the Contemplative Creative community with us.  Right now it’s mostly a handful of friends and the inevitable spammers on there, but we’d really like that to change so that we can elevate some meaningful interaction together.