Contemplative Creative Goods

Useful merchandise with an inspirational twist.

Check out our new goods in the “Words to Live By” series available exclusively on Society6.  All the products offered are useful goods for your daily life, but with inspiring words and neat designs inscribed on them as daily reminders to live your life well.  A dollar or two from each of your purchases over there will go towards paying for bandwidth and continuing to broadcast Contemplative Creative to your ears.

Mugs, prints, cell phone cases, tote bags, and more are now available!  Take some time and do some window shopping in your browser.

Quality Over Quantity - Mug
Design #1: “Quality over quantity in all ways.  Always.”This design is based on the philosophy presented in episode #12 of the podcast.
Available as: mug, tote bag, clock, pouch, or print.
Towards Mastery - tote bag - product shot
Design #2: “Towards mastery: day by day, breath by breath.”
Available as: mug, tote bag, pouch, or print.
Be patient - clock - product shot
Design #3: “Be patient. Good things take time.”
Available as: mug , tote bag, clock, pouch, or print.
A daily to do list - print - product image
Design #4: “To do: love, dream, be free.”
Available as: mug, tote bag, pouch, or print.

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